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Talented person's principle

        Our company insists an implement to take talented person as a root,capable person always and can be promote,the capable person put at central,have the person of the achievement to put in the use of front person's principle.
         Have to own a talented person, have to value the talented person's good atmosphere in formation inside the business enterprise first.The company is in the light of the person of"respect talented person, trust a talented person and depend on a talented person" to thought originally, building up having the work,study,living environment of the company special features culture, letting the employee's independent personality,personal dignity,the personal rights profit to the full respect can usually feel an arrival also greatly homely comprehension from the business enterprise,concern and help, let the employee bring about realistic approbation feeling,safe feeling on business enterprise and belong feeling.In the meantime, the business enterprise also insists the strategic thought of"the double win" with the employee, working hard to create good environment, make personal grow up with organization together, behave to just develop to build a vast satge.
         Construct personal value carry out of good environment, provide personal business satge that the value carry out, pursue the diapason of[with] personal progress and the business enterprise development.